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from nature

Harnessing the power of microalgae to evolve agriculture.

Signal Biologics is an emerging leader in the utilization of microalgae to evolve agriculture.

The species of microalgae we produce have been proven to accelerate germination, increase plant vigor and improve plant health across a range of crops, from row agriculture to specialty crops, hydroponics and ornamentals. We leverage our team’s deep expertise in phycology, algae production and agriculture to serve global agriculture partners.

Microalgae are a category of unicellular photosynthetic organisms that naturally reside in marine or freshwater.

They are some of the oldest forms of life on earth, having survived for billions of years, and are responsible for ~50% of the world’s oxygen. They are an incredibly diverse family of organisms (an estimated 100,000+ unique species exist) that make up the very base of the world’s food chain.

Based on years of experience working with a range of microalgae, we’ve formulated AMP with a proprietary blend of select microalgae to deliver a broad spectrum of benefits to your plants throughout their life cycle. AMP can be used during seeding, transplanting, and up to the flowering phase.


Setting us apart, our proprietary production platform is completely de-risked, with a 30-year track record of producing sustainable, high-quality microalgae for a range of international markets. We grow our microalgae using a process of recycled water, trace nutrients, sunlight, and carbon dioxide, after which they’re mechanically separated and packaged. These microalgae are natural producers of phytonutrients, peptides, polysaccharides, and plant-available nitrogen that catalyze early stage growth and vigor in plants.


AMP is a powerful organic microalgae based biostimulant. We leverage an optimized blend of microalgae species to deliver a product that reliably delivers for growers:


Increase germination rates and accelerate emergence

(especially in cold wet climates)


Improve seedling health


Increase root biomass and structure

Reduce transplant shock


Increase plant vigor leading to resistance to biotic or abiotic stress


Increase plant-available nutrients in soil

AMP can be used on:




Seedling transplants



Fruit trees and berries




Trees, shrubs and ornamentals




AMP can be used in soil or with hydroponic operations. AMP will not clog nozzles or drip lines and can be used as a drench, dripline, or foliar spray. AMP can be used in combination with other plant nutrients, biologics, fungicides or pesticides.

To get the most out of AMP, please use as follows:

For General Use: Dilute in a ratio of 1oz of AMP to 1 gallon of water (3.8L). For most applications, use AMP multiple (2-3) times during the growth phase of a plant up until flowering.

For Seed Starts: If soaking seeds prior to planting, use a 1:12 mix ratio (1oz of AMP for 12oz of water); Otherwise, AMP can be watered in at the general use rate of 1oz per gallon of water during planting.

* Shake before each use as some natural settling may occur.
We recommend refrigerating after opening to preserve bioactivity.

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